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What did you do???

What did you do???  Less than three hours after we sent out yesterday’s announcement, we got word from Bank of the West Chief Counsel Quinn Osborne that he had retrieved the money from Bank of New York Mellon.  They weren’t able to get it to us by the end of the day, but told us to pick it up in the morning.  Now it is actually in our hands, which is why we waited until now to tell you.

You will recall that on Monday the same Mr. Osborne told us that we delivered the required information too late and that the funds were now frozen.  However, something must have happened after we sent yesterday’s message about our intentions to pursue the case (and providing Mr. Osborne’s contact information).  What do you suppose?

I think you happened, that’s what.  Whatever you did made it happen.  This is a spectacular victory, and you can be sure that the funds will get to the refugees as soon as possible.  I’m sure you all read about the snow they’ve been having in Palestine, and the floods that Israel has unleashed on Gaza in order to divert the water from its side of the border.  All this while nearly half the people are without homes because Israel first destroyed 20% of Gaza and then refused to allow building materials to enter.  What we are sending is not much, but every bit counts.

Many, many, many thanks to you all.  We’re amazing when we work together.

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