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February 2015

What did you do???

WE WON!!! What did you do???  Less than three hours after we sent out yesterday’s announcement, we got word from Bank of the West Chief Counsel Quinn Osborne that he had retrieved the money from Bank of New York Mellon.  They weren’t able to get it to us by the end of the day, but told us to pick it up in the morning. 

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The kindness of banks

With apologies to Barb Weir, the title is obviously tongue in cheek.  And doubly ironic after yesterday’s developments.Yesterday we thought we might have a breakthrough when we finally received a statement from Bank of the West Chief Counsel, Quinn Osborne, that Bank of New York Mellon was in fact refusing to return our funds without the information that they were requesting about the beneficiary

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Message to Tanya Kazak, Bank of the West, Feb. 23, 2015

Message to Tanya Kazak, Vice President and Compliance Manager, Bank of the West, dated February 15, 2015 and immediately forwarded to Quinn Osborne, Chief Counsel, Bank of the West   Ms. Kazak, Our legal counsel, Tom Nelson, has finally received the unequivocal statement we have been seeking concerning BNY Mellon locking the return of our funds.  Therefore, we are providing the requested information to

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The latest on bank confiscation of funds for Palestinians whose homes were destroyed in Gaza

Your calls and emails have caused Bank of NY Mellon and Bank of the West to twice postpone their deadlines for threatened actions. As you know, the Free Palestine Movement is a human rights advocacy organization and its sister, the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund is a humanitarian aid organization.  Is it likely that we will surrender our own human rights at the same time

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US Banks are refusing to release the funds you sent for freezing Palestinians in Gaza

It’s true.  You sent us nearly $5000 and now the banks are refusing to release the funds.  We tried to send the first $3720 of that amount from our account at Bank of the West to the Charitable Association for Palestinian Relief in Lebanon. For this transaction, Bank of the West used the international banking services of Mellon Bank in New York. Mellon stopped

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Help Free 14-year-old Malak

The PCWF is offering its US tax-exempt status to help the International Solidarity Movement raise funds to free 14-year-old Malak Khaled.  You can send your tax-exempt checks to Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund 405 Vista Heights Road El Cerrito, CA 94530 Alternatively, you can also make a tax-exempt donation on line at You do not need to email us to report your donation because

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